Law Office

If you're a small to medium sized business then you may not have the means to maintain an attorney on your payroll. That doesn't mean, however, that you don't have legal questions or issues, or that you couldn't benefit from the knowledge and assistance of an attorney. We are here in those situations.

Our Annual Legal Package for Established Businesses may be a good, affordable option for you, allowing you to pay ahead for potential legal services you encounter through the year, without paying for a pricey retainer throughout the year. It's a way that you can ensure that you have a lawyer available when you need one.

Additionally, with flexible payment plans, we can be available whenever you may need an attorney - whether you need a negotiation handled, have a question, need documents reviewed, etc.

Outsourced Expertise with In-house Knowledge

When an Outside In-House Counsel can benefit you:

  • Maybe you're ready to start your business but don't know how to get started?
  • Maybe you're worried that you're exposing yourself to unnecessary liability in a given contract, or wonder whether there is a way to contract more to your benefit?
  • Maybe you're unsure if you're doing everything you're responsible for doing as a corporation or LLC?
  • Maybe you're having issues with employees and want to make sure your internal policies and employment agreements are up to snuff?
  • Maybe you want to lease a new office or are trying to take on a new investor?

Whether you're a brand new business or one that's been established and operating for years, there are always issues of stress and uncertainty in the existence of business. Budgetary restraints don't take away that stress and uncertainty, they magnify them. With our flexible options, flat rates and pay-as-you-go format, we can take the stress of your company's legal needs off of your shoulders and allow you to focus your energy on growing your business.

How is this different than a traditional law firm?

Expense and options. A traditional law firm typically works on retainer - you can pay thousands and thousands of dollars up front and replenish that amount as the attorneys working take from this retainer hourly charges for the work done. Often times the client is taken by surprise when the invoice arrives at just how many hours seem to have accumulated and the total cost. Not knowing legal costs upfront can be extremely stressful. With MK Law, you will know from the start what you're purchasing and avoid being surprised with a bill based on high hourly charges in the end.

We also offer flexibility. Maybe you only need to have an attorney review a few contracts? Well then, we'll just help with those few contracts. Maybe you want to go with our Annual Legal Package so that you have a certain amount of consultation time just in case, in addition to other work. We can help there too. Maybe you have your own sense of how an attorney can benefit you. We're all ears and are happy to work it out together! We understand the budgetary and time constraints of any business and are committed to working with you to find an arrangement that suits! Working with an attorney doesn't have to break the bank or cause unnecessary frustration.

Outside In-House Counsel