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Legal Consultation Session


Sometimes you know you should really speak with an attorney, but are unsure of what you need. Maybe you have a legal problem (or are unsure if you have a legal problem), maybe you have a brilliant business idea and don't know where to take it, maybe you need to ensure that you are satisfying any compliance issues related to your business. The situations wherein you could benefit from the insight and advice of an attorney are endless. 

Our Legal Consultation Includes:

  • A one hour consultation via phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person, depending on your preference and availability.
  • A post-consultation communication detailing everything discussed and attorney suggestions.
  • An email follow-up opportunity, to clarify anything from the consultation or contained int he post-consultation communication.

*Where you later sign up for a monthly package or for outside in-house counsel, the cost of your session will be deducted from your future fees.

Legal Consultation

Free Initial Consultation


All incoming clients and persons seeking information have access to a free, 15 minute consultation with our attorneys as a way to help them determine the service they are seeking and whether an attorney is able to assist them. If you're seeking a free consultation, please reach out to us!