Contract Consultation, Drafting & Review

Employment Contracts

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement ($400)

Employment Contract ($400)

Independent Contractor Agreement ($400)

Employee Non-Competition Agreements ($400)

Severance Agreements ($400)

Real Estate Contracts

Residential Lease ($300 and up)

Commercial Lease ($750 and up)

Construction Contract ($800 and up)

Internet Contracts

Disclaimers ($300)

Privacy Policies ($300)

Terms & Conditions ($400)

General Contracts

Goods Contract ($450)

Service Contract ($450)

Promissory Notes ($800)

Custom Shareholder Agreements and Bylaws ($550)

Contract Review & Revision

Our Contract review services begin at $250 for contracts between 1 - 5 pages, and are an additional $25 for each additional page.

Contract Negotiation

We will also represent your interests in a negotiation. Pricing will vary based on your needs. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!

Law Office

Owning a business brings with it paperwork, among which are often contracts and business agreements. 

Sometimes you find a contract online, attempt to create your own or have a contract in hand but aren't sure if it provides you with adequate protection. Other times, you receive a contract filled with legalese and are asked to sign but would like clarification on what you are agreeing to, or aren't sure of the contract's terms.

We can draft any contracts that you may need - whether based in employment, commercial or vendor agreements, business loan documentation, real estate, purchases of goods, etc. Further, we will review contracts that you receive and any such documents, explain to you strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions and alterations and can even contact the other party to negotiate on your behalf. We are here to help ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

*Most contracts can be drafted for the prices quoted here. However, if an agreement is complex or requires extensive negotiation or revision, additional fees may apply. Any additional fees will be quoted upfront.  

Free Advice:

Don't use LegalZoom

& websites like it:

You know those disclaimers that service websites always have (the ones you don't actually read)? Well, LegalZoom's says that "its services are NOT a substitute for the advice of an attorney.”

It also says that LegalZoom will never "review your answers for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation."

But we will. Because that's what a lawyer actually does. We don't churn out cookie cutter documents that could possibly leave you unprotected or be determined invalid and hope that they aren't. We personalize and curate our work to your needs, situations and goals, always bringing our expertise and consideration.

So, whether you need a will or trust to protect yourself and your family, want to start your own business or are making decisions in that business, let us make sure that you're getting it right.