Client Testimonials

"Maria was extremely helpful during my very stressful time. She couldn't have been more helpful and was so attentive I knew she was completely supporting us throughout the whole process. It's very hard to find a person who is very compassionate with such a touchy subject. Thanks Maria!"

​- Michael S., via Facebook

"I didn't know where to start when I had to sit down and figure out my estate plan. Luckily I started by getting in touch with MK Law. They were so knowledgeable and diligent in making sure my estate plan and all my estate documents were exactly what I needed to protect my family in the future. I could not be more happy with MK Law's services. I will make sure to turn to them with any legal questions and issues in the future." 

- Olivia J., via Yelp

"Thank you so much Maria for helping with our estate planning. I am so very thankful you were there for my wife and I! I will recommend you to everyone I know."

- Brad Z., via Facebook

"Maria Krishtul at MK Law was amazing. I'd never done any sort of estate planning before and didn't have any knowledge whatsoever about what it means, beyond writing a will (even that I didn't really know how to do). She listened, she took me through everything, she explained everything (repeatedly, when I needed it) and got all that I needed in order. If you need to do any sort of estate planning or family planning, as far as finances, etc, I would definitely go with MK Law!"
- Google Review

"After my wife and I had our daughter, I realized we'd need to figure out what we would do with our estate. Who would care for our daughter if something were to happen? How do we put together a will? A couple Google searches made it clear that we couldn't do this ourselves. So, we contacted Maria Krishtul at MK Law. She sat down and listened to all of our concerns, everything we hoped to accomplish, provided us amazing guidance and drafted all of the estate documents that we needed. More so, she gave my wife and I peace of mind."

- Robert B., via Facebook

"Estate planning is a daunting task, but Maria Krishtul, with MK Law, carefully, proactively and diligently guided us through the process of drafting our estate documents. She answered every question we had with knowledge and professionalism. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the legal services we were provided and give MK Law our highest recommendation!"

- Google Review

"Now that I am starting a family, it was important to me to get my estate in order. Working with Maria made figuring out my estate plan easy. Very professional and detailed. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to prepare for the future."

- Robert E., via Facebook


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