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Clients engage MK Law as an effective partner to help them more confidently address their personal and business law challenges and opportunities.


We live in a high-paced, demanding world and are all just trying to keep up.

Our Client Portal means that you have a secure way to transfer and sign documents, communicate with us, pay bills and work to achieve your goals on your terms and time table. 

Skype and online meetings mean you no longer have to find the time in your day to tear away from work or family to commute for meetings. 

Let us be your ally in confidently addressing any and all of your legal challenges.

We want you to know you're in good hands. See what other people had to say about our work.

No half-hour commutes to your attorney's office to drop off a file, a payment or to attend a meeting.

Our secure​ Client Portal allows us to work around you, providing a space to help you

where there are no traffic jams, spotty reception or necessary time taken out of your day. 

Here's how it works:

Let us share some of what we know with you. Check out our Legal Information Tab.

 Less stress, more convenience. Let us make the law more accessible to you no matter your situation.

We are committed to the continuous development of our people and of the resources essential to delivering effective and distinctive legal services.


With traditional firms you may find yourself surprised at the high cost of their service when your invoice finally comes.

Where did all those billable hours come from?

With MK Law, we offer flat fees, package deals and affordable rates.

​You know the cost of what you're purchasing up front with no surprises in the end. 


We will provide you with extra ordinary care and only the best, most dedicated legal advice. 

We don't subscribe to idea of the giant, faceless legal corporation, or the same, cookie-cutter approach to every client. 

Because a client isn't just a client, a client is a person.

And we help people.

Why MK Law? What sets us apart?